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Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary


Audubon International’s premiere education program, The Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary System (ACSS), educates people about environmental stewardship and motivates them to take action in their daily lives that will enhance and protect wildlife and their habitats and conserve natural resources. Programs for homeowners, businesses, schools, and golf courses tailor information to the unique setting and needs of each member.

The Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary System provides comprehensive stewardship education in six key environmental areas:
– Environmental Planning
– Wildlife and Habitat Management
– Water Conservation and Water Quality Management
– Resource Conservation
– Waste Reduction
– Outreach and Education

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As the end of 2003 approaches, we hope you'll continue to feel free to contact us to get your chapters more involved in Audubon International's FIFTY IN FIVE Initiative--having 50% of all golf courses in the U.S. enrolled and active in the ACSP for Golf Courses or Audubon Signature Programs by 2007. We need your help, and the help of the entire industry.

Here's what some GCSAA chapters are already doing to support FIFTY IN FIVE:

* Connecticut Association of Golf Course Superintendents hosted a 90-minute presentation on the Business Value of the ACSP in March.

* Businesses for the Bay, with support from the Mid-Atlantic Association of Golf Course Superintendents, hosted a full day seminar on Developing an Environmental Plan to bring participants through the first step of certification.

* The Delaware Golf Association paid for the ACSP membership of all Delaware golf courses. We are working with the Delaware Department of Environmental Protection to host a full day seminar on Developing an Environmental Plan to help courses get certified.

* The Florida GCSA has launched an ACSP membership drive to achieve its own goal of having 50% ACSP enrollment in the state. FLGCSA immediate past-President David Court encouraged participation in a letter to members, brochures were inserted in the association's Florida Green magazine, and the FLGCSA hosted four seminars to peak member involvement.

* Everglades GCSA is creating an "Introduction to the ACSP" packet to give to all new chapter members-and leads the state of Florida with 76% of its members enrolled (48 golf courses).

* The NYC Department of Environmental Protection and Cornell Cooperative Extension, with support from the MetGCSA, hosted a full day seminar on Developing an Environmental Plan to bring participants through the first step of certification. Participants that completed and submitted a plan received one year's membership in the ACSP paid for by the host organizations.

* The San Diego GCSAA chapter is a sponsor of Audubon International's Golf-Environment Summit at Barona Creek Golf Club. This invitation-only meeting for our Golf Advisory Council and Audubon Stewards will be used to solicit feedback on efforts to date and continue industry-wide momentum with new ideas.

For a complete list of chapter and industry-wide activity, please visit our website at: http://www.audubonintl.org/projects/50in5/actions.htm If you're interested in getting your chapter more involved in FIFTY IN FIVE or if you have any questions, please contact Joellen Zeh, ACSS Programs Manager, at (518)767-9051, ext. 14, or email her at jzeh@audubonintl.org.

Kevin Fletcher
Director of Programs & Administration

Audubon International
"Helping People Help the Environment...
Where They Live, Work, and Play."
Phone: 518-767-9051 

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